June, 2017 Midlake Monthly Email Newsletter

New Catalog & Much More Coming Soon from Midlake Midlake is America’s Best Hinge Manufacturer. We’ve been providing our customers with quality hinges for 30 years and along the way have always been dedicated to continued improvements. See what’s going on this...

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May, 2017 Midlake Monthly Newsletter

"All gave some... some gave all."   -Howard William Osterkamp, Korean War veteran and purple heart recipient from Denton, OH     This coming Memorial Day we hope you are able to pause your work to spend time with your friends and family and enjoy some...

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April, 2017 Midlake Monthly Newsletter

Get the Job Done Right - and Quickly - with Midlake's Custom and Standard Butt Hinges     Custom and Off-the-Shelf Butt Hinge Solutions Midlake has manufactured standard and custom butt hinges for OEMs and contract manufacturers for over 30 years. Used in a...

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March, 2017 Midlake Monthly Newsletter

After 30 successful years of manufacturing custom hinges, Midlake continues to evolve and capitalize on huge opportunities for growth. Our Strong Past: Building Wisdom and Assets The great thing about accomplishing 30 years of manufacturing experience is we are still...

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February, 2017 Midlake Monthly Newsletter

A Real Story of Savings & Efficiency A customer came to Midlake with alignment issues. Adding so many parts to a hinge with secondary operations was having a negative impact on their product’s performance. They asked how we could help. Watch our quick video to see...

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January, 2017 Midlake Monthly Newsletter

Jeremy Gethmann Joins Midlake Products & Mfg Company Inc. to Help Customers Reach Their Goals   Q: Why was Jeremy hired? A: We realized we could do a better job demonstrating our capabilities to our current and future customers. In addition, we’d like to be...

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That story is usually about how we integrate parts, simplify processes and manufacture a custom hinge that adds to the integrity of your project. We usually save you money, too!

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