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Working with Midlake to design a custom, spring-loaded hinge was an extraordinary experience.  Their fantastic collaboration felt more like an extension of our engineering department versus an external vendor.

I discovered Midlake by scouring online for custom hinge manufacturers.  Within 30 minutes of filling out their online form, Midlake called and we set up a conference call the next morning. [The friendly people at Midlake] essentially convinced me in a handful of minutes that they were the company we wanted to work with.  Within days, we received a very fair quote, and within a week I began to work closely with their engineering team developing the prototype. [Midlake’s engineering], went above and beyond all metrics of professionalism, support, communication, and attentiveness.  It was blatantly obvious [Midlake was] fully vested in our product’s success.  After [working with their engineering department to determine the necessary variables], the first attempt at the prototype hinges was remarkably precise.  It was beautiful in regards to both its form and function.

As collaboration with Midlake comes to a close with our product exiting the prototyping phase and onto pre-production, we are optimistic about future endeavors with this company.  To sum up my overall impression would be this: Midlake consists of crafty, professional, and just plain good, honest people that love—and excel at—what they do.

Brett Van Leeuwen

Engineering, Wood Stone Corporation

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