Midlake by the Numbers

When you work with Midlake, you can expect: expertise, efficiency, quality, professionalism. 98: Midlake is proud to carry a 98% on time shipping rate.  We understand that our customers have to halt their productions if we don’t live up to our expectations. They...

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Custom Spring Hinges – Sketch Animation Video

Check out the latest in our series of sketch animation videos - this one is about spring hinge manufacturing. Many clients often come to us after having issues with "off the shelf" spring hinges. Either the hinge didn't work, didn't fit, or it simply failed. This...

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Manufacturing Is Slowly Becoming Cool

When most people think of manufacturing, they often think of dark and dreary factory work. It all comes back to the image of manufacturing that was prevalent at the turn of the twentieth century and persisted until the 1950s. There’s a misconception that if you work...

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What’s that Extra ¼” on Your Hinge Really Costing You?

One of the things that people rarely think about with their doors, lockers, and other enclosures is the hinges. So as long as they aren’t falling off, they do not seem to attract much attention. However, there is often a hidden problem lurking, and it’s costing your...

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That story is usually about how we integrate parts, simplify processes and manufacture a custom hinge that adds to the integrity of your project. We usually save you money, too!

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