Standard Metal Thickness & Pin Diameter Combinations

Midlake Custom Hinges accommodate virtually unlimited design configuration & features.

When designing a custom hinge, considering the following metal thicknesses and pin diameter combinations will ultimately save you time and money.

The chart represents our standard curling tool combinations that provide optimum performance. Midlake constantly invests in the design, manufacturing, inventory and maintenance of these tooling combinations greatly reducing lead time and eliminating tooling charges.

What if I don’t see what I need?

If what you require is not on the list, Midlake is happy to assist you in the consideration of developing a potential alternative.

General Rules of thumb when considering developing alternative combinations:

  • Metal Thickness (x) 2 = The minimum pin diameter we will consider
  • Pin diameters larger than twice metal thickness make for rounder curl
  • Always consider standard mill thickness and pin diameters
  • Typical lead time for custom curling tools is 8-10 weeks
Nominal Material Thickness
Nominal Pin Diameter
.035″ .125″
.048″ .125″
.060″ .125″
.060″ .156″
.060″ .187″
.074″ .156″
.074″ .187″
.074″ .250″
.090″ .187″
.090″ .250″
.120″ .250″
.120″ .375″
.179″ .375″
.179″ .500″