Custom Hinge Pin Terminology

Often times the hinge pin is given little consideration. Is the material type and diameter critical to your application? Similar material types along with standard diameters are more common; however, different materials and diameters are often possible. For example, your steel hinge may perform better with a brass pin just as some aluminum hinges may require a stainless steel pin. As for the diameter of the hinge pin we follow industry standards however we will try our best to accommodate your special diameter requests. Just remember, a larger pin does not necessarily mean a stronger hinge.

Spun Ends

Pin spun on both end is non-removable. Pin spun on one end ping remains removable.

Staked Pin

Non-removable pin. Back side of hinge is staked securing pin.

Crimped Ends

Non-removable pin. Knuckle is depressed, confining pin.

Bent Pin

Pin is removable. This style is often used for “quick release” applications.