Standard Butt Hinges

SKUNameHinge TypeMaterial ThicknessPin DiameterOpen WidthLengthPdf
BHSS18303037Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.187".375"3.00"3.00"
BHSS18404037Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.187".375"4.00"4.00"
BHSS12303025Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.125".250"3.00"3.00"
BHSS12404025Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.125".250"4.00"4.00"
BHSS09303025Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.093".250"3.00"3.00"
BHSS07252518Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.074".187"2.50"2.50"
BHSS09404025Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.093".250"4.00"4.00"
BHSS07303018Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.074".187"3.00"3.00"
BHSS07404018Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.074".187"4.00"4.00"
BHSS06152518Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.062".187"1.50"2.50"
BHSS06202518Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.062".187"2.00"2.50"
BHSS06303018Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.062".187"3.00"3.00"
BHSS06404018Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.062".187"4.00"4.00"
BHSS06152012Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.062".125"1.50"2.00"
BHSS06202012Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.062".125"2.00"2.00"
BHSS06303012Stainless Steel Type 304 2BButt Hinge.062".125"3.00"3.00"
BHSS12252525-316Stainless Steel Type 316 2BButt Hinge.125".250"2.50"2.50"
BHSS12303025-316Stainless Steel Type 316 2BButt Hinge.125".250"3.00"3.00"
BHSS12404025-316Stainless Steel Type 316 2BButt Hinge.125".250"4.00"4.00"
BHS18404037Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.187".375"4.00"4.00"
BHS18303037Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.187".375"3.00"3.00"
BHS12303025Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.125".250"3.00"3.00"
BHS12404025Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.125".250"4.00"4.00"
BHS09303025Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.093".250"3.00"3.00"
BHS09404025Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.093".250"4.00"4.00"
BHS07252518Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.074".187"2.50"2.50"
BHS07303018Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.074".187"3.00"3.00"
BHS07404018Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.074".187"4.00"4.00"
BHS06152518Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.062".187"1.50"2.50"
BHS06202518Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.062".187"2.00"2.50"
BHS06303018Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.062".187"3.00"3.00"
BHS06404018Steel Type 1010-1018Butt Hinge.062".187"4.00"4.00"
BHS06152012Steel Type 1018Butt Hinge.062".125"1.50"2.00"
BHS06202012Steel Type 1018Butt Hinge.062".125"2.00"2.00"
BHS06303012Steel Type 1018Butt Hinge.062".125"3.00"3.00"

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